Fix Norton Activation Key Problem

Norton product activation is very simple on a computer

Norton activation error

Fix Norton Product Activation Key is Not Working Error

When the user wants to use the quality antivirus then they require to get the activation code so that they can keep their device and their data secure from the viruses and from the attacks of the viruses.
But for the user there are times when the activation key of their antivirus does not work, now when this happens with the user there are few reasons due to which Norton activation key is not working. When the user buys the premium of Norton antivirus, they get an activation key to activate their antivirus, but sometimes the user has complained that their Norton activation key does not work. despite providing the correct activation key. Although the chances of happening this is very low but if the user is facing the similar issue so to help the user we are mentioning few reasons due to which the activation key of the user’s antivirus might not work.

Error - Activation Key is Not Working / Recognized

This error may you face when you activate your Norton Utilities Premium.

  • The Activation key that you entered to activate your Norton Utilities Premium product is not a valid key. Again type your product key. Norton Utilities Premium product key is case-sensitive. So be careful to type it exactly as it provided.
  • Norton Utilities Premium having benefits after you enroll it for Automatic Renew Norton subscription with your primary subscription, you should always enroll to continue to use Norton Utilities Premium.
  • The product key for Norton Utilities Premium is always different from the product key for your Norton Protection.

Common mistakes when entering the Norton product key

  • Spaces in the product key will make an error.
  • Confirm that you enter the license information for Norton Utilities Premium. One thing that License code details for one Norton product is not interchangeable with another Norton product.
  • If you still see a message showing incorrect or invalid licensing information, Once again verify that you typed the license exactly as shown.

Attention some characters like the number 0 and the letter O, can look almost similar, and l (lower-case l), I (capital I). So, try double-checking them

Other Reasons of Norton Activation Key Error and It Solution

  • Norton Antivirus Activation Key Expired

    When the user buys the premium or the subscription, they usually last one or two years then after that the user needs to renew their plan. So, when the user gets the activation key at the time of purchase that remain legit for the amount of time the user has bought the plan. During this time the user can use the same activation key number of times, without worrying about anything, there are times when the user runs into error with their antivirus and then the user has to reinstall the antivirus. So, when the user reinstalls the antivirus, they can use the activation key to activate their antivirus. But when the use's plan expire then with that activation key also gets expired and when the user tries to use the expired activation key it will not work. So, if the user is facing Norton activation key is not working error there are chances that their plan has expired and so does their activation key.

  • Misuse of Norton Antivirus Key

    When the user got the activation code they are advised that do now write the activation code where it is visible to someone else. Because they can install Norton antivirus and can use the user's activation code on their device. So, if the user's device shows the error then in that case the user needs to look on how many devices their antivirus has been installed and then the user can remove that device.

Norton antivirus activation is very easy on a computer. Follow the below steps and confirm you have a properly working internet connection.

Norton product Key Activation
  • Open Norton by double click on the Norton icon that is available on the desktop screen.
  • Enter the registered email ID with the Norton account.
  • Click on the Submit.
  • Now, Enter the 25 digit Norton activation product key for the Norton setup.
  • Then click on the Verify option.
  • Now, the Norton activation procedure has completed.

Activate Norton Utilities Premium

  • Norton login by visiting
  • After Sign in, open the My Subscription page, and then below Norton Utilities Premium, you can see the product key.
    • Write down or copy this product key.
  • Start Norton Utilities Premium.
  • In the Norton window, click Activate Now.
  • Type or paste the Norton Utilities Premium Key and then click Activate Now.