Guide to Reocover QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Password

Recover QuickBooks Point of Sale Password

How to Recover QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Password?

Companies use QuickBooks for accounting and bookkeeping. QuickBooks maintains the security and safety of company data. For this a strong password is essential which keeps the data secured. In this article we are sharing the ways through which a user can get the password if he forgets.

QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool.

  • First the user has to reach QuickBooks automated password reset tool from Intuit’s website.
  • Here the user has to choose the QuickBooks last version used by him to open the company file when prompted.
  • User needs to give the license number of his product and business information in specified space and needs to press the submit button.
  • Now the user will get an access token number on the email address that the user has provided.
  • Here you have to click inside the checkmark box to accept the terms of License agreement.
  • After accepting terms, the tool will start downloading automatically.
  • After downloading, the user can run the tool.
  • Now the user has to enter the token number that he received through the mail.
  • After this User will go to the "QuickBooks desktop products" menu and will select the version that he chose earlier.
  • Then User will click on the browser for company files.
  • Now User needs to enter the correct admin name if requested.
  • User has entered a new password in the "new password" and confirm "New password" field.
  • Finally click on the reset password to save the changes.

Recover/Unlock the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Password Through Security Questions?

  • First, the user needs to click on the "I forgot my password" button on the login page.
  • Now the user has to select "Answer the security question" in the new window.
  • Choose the question and answer it correctly in this step.
  • After giving a right answer a message will come to inform the user that his file is free from password.
  • Now the user needs to close the window and has to create a new password for the QuickBooks application.
  • At last, the user has to select a new security question and answer.

Now we are going to discuss the steps if a user is not able to sign in to QuickBooks POS system as an admin. The following measure can help the user to recover QuickBooks desktop point of sale password.

Sign in with a Generic Account
  • User has to open the QuickBooks point of sale application.
  • User will enter SYSADMIN as the user's name.
  • Now the user has to enter the password that he has used for his admin account.
  • Then select ok.

If a user fails to sign in, he can go to the next step on how to reset the password. This new password permanently deletes and replaces the old password.

Reset Password
  • To reset a password, users will access "QuickBooks Automated password reset tool " through Intuit's website.
  • Select the QuickBooks point of sale application.
  • Now fill complete business details and press "submit" to reset the password.

Reset QuickBooks POS Password Without Using Automated Password Reset Tool

In any case where a user forgets or misplaces his password for QuickBooks point of sale, here are a few steps given through which a user can reset the password before using the automated password reset tool.
Change a password for a non-sysadmin user.

  • Users will log into QuickBooks desktop point of sale as an admin.
  • Now the user has to go to the employees list from the employee’s menu.
  • From the list users will select the employees that need to change their password and select edit employees.
  • On the appearing screen of edit employees, click on change password
  • Here employees will enter their new password and confirm the password. Then click ok.
  • In this step save the changes.
  • Now the employees can log into the QuickBooks desktop point of sale using the new password.

Recover the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale Sysadmin User Password

  • Users can try to log in as admin by using the login name of Sysadmin. User can leave the password blank, and then he needs to click on ok.
  • Users can use a common password while trying to log in as admin.
  • If the password includes numbers, make sure that Number Lock is on.
  • Users need to use word processing programs like Microsoft Word or notepad to check that letters are correct and proper case is observed.